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School Surveys

Great leadership starts with listening

Motivated, fulfilled teachers are wonderful ambassadors for your school, and a support and inspiration to the students they teach.  Your non-teaching staff are invaluable in ensuring everything runs smoothly to enable teachers to focus on what they do best.

We are committed to re-energising the education sector by working with senior leadership teams who wish to understand and support their employees. We work with schools by supporting headteachers to improve workplace dynamics and employee well-being.

Listen Act Inspire

Employee surveys are one of the easiest and most accurate ways to obtain actionable insights that can help you to improve your working environment and show you are committed to making your school a nurturing, supportive community for students and staff alike.  

Above all, it shows you listen and care.  Leaders who actively listen and care have far greater success in inspiring, motivating, and retaining employees, leading to richer school life for your students.

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All our surveys are confidential and anonymous, giving your staff the trust and freedom, to be frank and honest in their responses so that you can understand the clear positives, suggestions for improvement and potential concerns in your school, and how best to approach them in a way that provides recognition and support.


Well-being surveys are particularly useful in the current climate for teaching staff who have been stretched beyond their limits due to the pandemic and may be suffering from stress, exhaustion, or anxiety.  By asking your staff about themselves and their working life, you are showing you genuinely care about them and the students whose lives they affect.


We will spend time understanding your objectives in carrying out this survey and will deliver a set of outcomes that help you take steps for meaningful change.  We will make this easy for you.


We design surveys to explore individuals' comments in detail and invest our time in comprehensive analysis to provide you with hugely valuable insights.  Together, we will identify exactly what well-being support and initiatives will be most effective for your staff in your school.


This knowledge will strengthen your strategies and successes as a leader during such a challenging time.  Now, more than ever, there is a great opportunity to focus upon the well-being of your staff and enable you to pull through this pandemic stronger and higher-performing than ever, building a personal legacy as a truly inspiring leader.  


Surveys are a great starting point for boosting well-being and engagement – let’s give your employees that reward for all their hard work.

Our surveys start from just £1,600 and represent excellent value with the inclusion of full pre- and post-survey support and development. All of our surveys are bespoke, created especially for each school we work with, and are priced on the number of individuals we survey and the scope of the project required.


Contact us today for your own special introductory price…

Services: Services

Well-Being Survey

Focus upon employee health and well-being to become an education employer of choice and enjoy an increase in morale and engagement at your school.


Discover how to tailor your well-being strategy and support the needs of your team.  Understand the challenges they face and the tools and resources they will benefit from the most to improve the school working environment.

Enhance the well-being of your employees and gain additional benefit for your school as your students in turn are inspired to develop to their full potential.

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Employee Engagement Survey

Boost your employee engagement with the added benefits of increased performance, productivity, and loyalty at your school.

We focus upon actionable feedback and delve into what is working well, what needs to improve and what is most important about school working life to your employees.

Our approach ensures you can easily identify specific improvements that will not only have a tangible impact but will also visibly demonstrate a listening and responsive educational leadership team.

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Ensure you are hiring and retaining the best talent, and enable all your employees to thrive by addressing the priorities for diversity and inclusion within your school.  

Benefit from increased innovation, creativity, engagement and performance as you harness different perspectives in a more diverse and inclusive culture that will inspire your pupils.

We offer a safe place to share candid views and experiences in confidence, which informs a clear picture of where to focus resources.  

Why Choose The Little Survey Company
for your School Survey?

Our aim is to provide a bespoke, personal, friendly service that delivers evidence and suggestions which allow you to make visible changes to enhance the experience of your staff and students, and to demonstrate to stakeholders that the leadership team are committed to striving for excellence. 

Maximise response rate with guaranteed anonymity

Our confidential, anonymous survey service will allow your employees to give honest and valuable feedback.A high response rate equates to more representative and reliable results plus a larger collection of ideas, suggestions, thoughts and feelings to be acknowledged and actioned for positive improvements within the school.

Identify areas for celebration and improvement

Using carefully crafted questions, our surveys can draw out those every-day achievements and successes that have become the norm in your school, but whose celebration could be a huge boost to morale.Our report will also identify areas where there is room for improvement, taking your school’s success to a higher level.

Boost well-being, confidence, and motivation

The education sector has had a rough time recently and staff may be depleted of energy.  Simply the act of asking someone for their opinion increases self-esteem and makes one feel a more valued team-member.  An individual who feels appreciated is likely to feel more confident and engaged.

Increase engagement and productivity

Offering your employees the opportunity to give an open, honest view of their feelings about work – and then acknowledging and acting on that information - could be the gift that your staff need to lift their engagement and productivity levels, and become even more of an asset to your students and the school.  

Grow employee loyalty and improve retention

Staff retention may have become an issue due to the strain the pandemic has wrought for schools.  By listening to your team through the anonymity of a survey, and taking up our recommendations for action, you can demonstrate your desire and commitment to investing in the individuals that make the school.

Inspire your teachers to inspire your students

Teachers have enquiring minds; they want to learn and share the joy of learning.  Great leaders lead by example and our bespoke questions, designed with your team of individual staff members in mind, will prove that you are curious to learn about their sentiments.  By using the insights they share to develop a better place for the whole school community, your inspiring leadership will shine through.

Individual approach to each client

We understand every school is different and our personal approach means we create a survey tailored specifically for you and your unique circumstances.  Each staff member will feel that their contribution is valued and appreciated.

Comprehensive comment review and analysis 

by an experienced, objective, external team

You can be assured that we read, categorise and analyse every free text comment because we believe only a human can truly understand another human’s sentiments.  You will discover the most important issues for your staff in our analysis of these comments: those that deserve celebration and what isn’t working so well.

We give ample opportunity for free text comments as they yield the most insightful and actionable information and are much more informative than basic quantitative data alone.  We commonly find many encouraging and positive statements and consistently find that this valuable material gives clarity to the overall picture. 

A service that includes much more than a questionnaire

We devise high quality questionnaires, but our input goes much further.  You can be confident that we will support the pre-survey communications as well as the post-survey actions and outcomes.  Our ‘wraparound’ support relieves pressure on busy senior leaders coping with additional mandatory and statutory requirements in the education sector at this difficult time. Our service leads to meaningful positive impact for your staff and students and we make the whole process easy and stress-free.


Insights to inform strategic decisions

Our analysis can enlighten educational leaders considering new policies, initiatives or plans for development.   With a duty to ensure the greatest return on investment, a survey specifically adapted for the unique requirements of your school will deliver the knowledge you need to target your resources most effectively.

Listening to the experiences and views of staff will broaden the senior leadership team’s understanding of the unique strengths and challenges of the school.  This hugely valuable information can then be used to tailor the developing strategy, and strengthen the school’s ability to consistently help each and every child to achieve their full potential.


Personal development: Great leadership starts with listening

A school leader striving for excellent personal performance and school success knows that listening allows us insight about others and ourselves.  When used wisely, thoughtful listening can transform schools and help educators work more collaboratively.  An employee survey can be a great way to start listening to your colleagues and shaping an environment where students are surrounded by fulfilled, focused and dedicated staff.

Listen Act Inspire

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