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Surveys and Prices

Choose from our flexible survey options to gather insights from between 10 to 1000 employees, partners, clients or other stakeholders


We visit your place of work, at your convenience, and meet individually face-to-face with each participant. These relaxed, semi-structured interviews enable us to ensure everyone involved is put at ease.  There is plenty of opportunity for discussion to explore individual views. Prices for in-person surveys start from £2,400 plus travel expenses. 

Video Call

We engage in individual, face-to-face Microsoft Teams video calls with each participant. This option is highly convenient for participants who are working remotely or are geographically dispersed. These are relaxed, semi-structured interviews with ample opportunity for open discussion. Prices for video call surveys start from £2,200.  


Whilst we may visit pre-survey to build engagement and post-survey to present the findings, here the core element is undertaken online.  We send email invitations to a bespoke online survey containing a mix of closed and open questions and offer complete anonymity, where even we cannot identify individuals. Online survey prices start from £1,250.  

Every Survey

Maximise the positive impact of your survey with a solution delivered to the highest standards.

Choose from in-person, video call, or online options and benefit from our team of friendly and experienced survey specialists.

Receive a custom-designed survey tailored to your unique requirements, with a professional style that builds engagement with all stakeholders.

Discover the advantages of ample open questions and our comprehensive free text analysis, to truly listen to people's stories and experiences in their own words and obtain richer feedback and actionable insights.

Unearth hidden issues with our external approach sensitively eliciting honest, anonymous views.

Gain a clear take-home message of strengths, challenges and priorities in our summary report, helping your leadership team develop a deeper understanding of what matters most to people.

Enjoy a smooth and stress-free experience with full support throughout the project.

Contact us to explore how our survey solutions could benefit your organisation. 

We would love to help.

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