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We're Making a Difference to Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We're delighted to announce that we've recently teamed up with Lean On Me Training in an exciting new partnership venture, to provide a wide offering of mental health awareness and mental health first aid training to individuals wishing to become better informed, and leaders wishing to enhance employee well-being and promote mental health in the workplace.

Lean On Me Training provides mental health first aid training, equipping line managers and staff with the skills to spot signs and symptoms of mental health issues, provide non-judgemental support and guide individuals towards seeking professional support. Additionally, their consultancy service is available to leaders wishing to develop mental health in the workplace programmes and other ongoing support.

Our partnership comes at a pivotal time for many employers who are seeing a sharp rise in mental health concerns in their employees and the alarming knock-on effect this has on the team and their business.

With an increasing number of vacancies now emerging across the country, and a shortfall in applicants, employers are turning their attention to improving their workplace environments, investing in introducing work-life balance opportunities and supporting individuals so they can retain talent, boost productivity, and safeguard their business growth. The Little Survey Company’s bespoke well-being employee surveys tease out any issues causing strain within the business, and identify meaningful, effective actions.

Our new partnership, and our in-house mental health first aiders, mean we are now ideally positioned to carefully structure our well-being surveys, identify and assist with well-being concerns in the workplace, and provide an informed service to leaders who are keen to listen to and support their employees.

Anna Johnstone, Director of The Little Survey Company, said: “The shared values and clear close synergy between our two companies opened a natural path for us to develop a partnership. Our companies’ services complement one another superbly, to hopefully provide an all-in-one service that so many organisations desperately need.”

“Mental health concerns are on the rise, and there is still great stigma and lack of understanding surrounding them. Many leaders are realising they need to be prioritising mental health awareness in the workplace and that’s where our well-being surveys can really come into their own.”

“We are investing time and energy into improving our understanding of the ever-changing mental health climate so we can give the right advice and provide effective and results-driven services to our clients. Listening to, understanding and supporting your employees is the only way to ensure your team are mentally healthy, happy and positive in their roles.”

Paul Cooper, Director of Lean On Me Training, said: “ If companies are to improve their working environments and address the growing issue of mental health in the workplace, then it is important that they engage with their employees to understand the real issues about them.

“Lean On Me Training sees its new partnership with The Little Survey Company as being an integral part of developing employee well-being programmes to survey staff about mental health, and what they feel should be their company’s approach to including it in their corporate social responsibility programme.

“There is a natural synergy between our two companies, and we are very excited to develop this relationship further as we engage forward-thinking companies willing to invest in this key worldwide issue”. Read Lean On Me Training's announcement here.

The Little Survey Company now has two trained Mental Health First Aiders – Director, Anna Johnstone and Client Relationship Manager, Amanda Bye.

For further details on our Well-Being Surveys, click here.

To learn more about becoming somebody to lean on, visit Lean on Me Training Ltd.

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