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The Little Survey Company and Education

Why employee surveys are fundamental to your success

Engaged, motivated and fulfilled teachers are wonderful ambassadors for your school; they will inspire success and enrich your students' lives.

A survey enables you to listen to the voices of your staff, and make positive changes as a result. It means that you are committed to making your school a supportive environment, dedicated to creating a culture of belonging and accomplishment.

Leaders who listen have far greater success in inspiring, motivating and retaining staff as well as improving their performance.

Benefits of our school staff surveys

  • Maximise response rate with guaranteed anonymity

  • Identify areas for celebration and improvement

  • Increase engagement and productivity

  • Boost well-being, confidence, and motivation

  • Grow employee loyalty

  • Improve performance and retention Inspire your teachers to inspire your students

About us and how we can help

We are a friendly team, experienced in analysing survey responses and equipping you with the tools you need to make meaningful change.

We understand the pressures and challenges facing schools and take the time to listen to our client’s needs, tailoring our service accordingly.

Our bespoke surveys are designed to help you ask all the right questions, and we help you interpret the answers so you can develop actionable measures for improvement. We spend time reading and analysing free text comments, where the most valuable feedback usually lies, bringing depth to your survey report.

If you have between 50 and 250 employees we can help you.


The Little Survey Company and Education
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