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Sir Thomas Rich's School Supports Staff to Thrive with The Little Survey Company

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

The Senior Leadership Team at Sir Thomas Rich's School listened to, and acted on, staff views gathered in an anonymous survey and used this valuable information to enhance the quality of education provided and further support staff to thrive.

In keeping with its culture of excellence, Sir Thomas Rich’s School continually strives to improve both as a school and as an employer. The Little Survey Company explored staff views to inform actions to enhance the quality of education provided and identify effective well-being measures to further support staff to thrive and excel in their roles.

Headmaster, Matthew Morgan, said:
“I can highly recommend The Little Survey Company, they provided a bespoke service that enabled us to listen carefully to the views of staff throughout our organisation … the ways in which they shared the findings in person in a timely manner meant that people could see they had been listened to and that actions are planned as a result … we now have a clear direction to further improve the well-being of staff because of the survey findings – something which is absolutely critical if we are to negotiate the post-pandemic challenges.”

In an environment where expectations and aspirations for students are lofty, keenly engaged staff are committed to providing students with the finest and most well-rounded education. However, as in many educational institutions, external pressures and post-pandemic effects are placing increasing strain on staff. The senior leadership team recognised the challenges being posed and wanted to gain a greater understanding of the staff experience to ensure existing measures are beneficial; inform further people-focused actions to nurture the happy and high-performing culture; and to enable the school to continue to succeed in its mission.

The Senior Leadership Team asked The Little Survey Company to develop a bespoke survey to gather candid staff views about what was working well, where improvement could be made, and what people valued most about working at the school. They benefitted from an external, objective provider with an outcome-driven approach who guaranteed that all feedback would be managed anonymously.

A high response rate was achieved through excellent communication. The aims and methodology of the survey were presented in person to all staff and this was followed up with comprehensive written and verbal communications. As a result, a wealth of valuable information, including a high number of thoughtful and constructive comments, was gathered.

Analysis of the numerical data and respondent comments identified a number of strongly positive themes. The survey highlighted the inspiring culture of excellence, the meaningful work to achieve successful student outcomes, and the supportive working relationships with colleagues.

Staff reported workload to be demanding but felt appreciated and respected and recognised the consideration shown by leaders and managers to improve their well-being at work.

The survey findings, based on plentiful, reliable data, unveiled opportunities for the Senior Leadership Team to reinforce existing strengths and to make visible, people-focused improvements to ensure the long-term success of the school.

Sir Thomas Rich’s School is a selective, state-funded secondary school for boys in years 7-11, with a mixed Sixth Form. There are 114 members of staff and approximately 1200 students.

To obtain rich feedback from the people with whom you work, please do get in touch.

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