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Seven steps to successful employee surveys

The Little Survey Company's guide to ensure your employee survey really makes a difference.

Follow these seven steps for a survey which will improve your employee experience, engagement, performance and productivity. From starting with clear aims, to a good set of questions, a comprehensive response review, reader-friendly reports and, most importantly of all, meaningful improvements, a step by step approach ensures results.

When we are busy and facing competing priorities, it can be tempting to skimp on some steps but this can be a costly false economy. A survey done well has the potential to take your organisation to the next level. However, a poorly run survey can be a significant waste of time and money, and can even adversely affect employee engagement, if it gives the impression that employee feedback is not valued or is ignored.

Our seven steps to survey success offer a tried and tested, highly reliable approach. No magic wand, expensive software or doctorate in statistics required but it does take a little time investment, an eye for detail and strong communication skills, and of course, it gets much easier with experience. We would love to hear from you if you adopt this approach, and if you need any assistance with any or all of the steps, we would love to help.

The Little Survey Company's Seven Steps to Successful Surveys can be downloaded as a full page A4 PDF or a mobile-friendly slideshow.

TLSC 7 Steps to Successful Employee Surv
Download • 136KB

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