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Coriel Strengthen Their Solution-Focused Team with The Little Survey Company

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

As a result of Coriel's Team Survey, all team members are able to thrive in their fast-paced, dynamic, high-performance culture.

Coriel delivers advanced technical solutions to an array of blue-chip clients across the world. They are a fast-growing company, offering pioneering products and leading the field in challenging applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Due to the nature of their work, the team are often required to pull together and deliver high-quality products in tight timeframes.

Coriel Chief Executive, Philip Leslie, said:
"I am pleased to highly recommend Anna and The Little Survey Company for their exceptional work with Coriel. Anna and her team conducted a comprehensive and insightful survey for our company and were a pleasure to work with. Anna's expertise and friendly, professional approach made the survey process a seamless and enjoyable experience for our team. The rich feedback gathered from the bespoke two-stage survey, including video call interviews, provided a deep understanding of our team's perspectives and experiences. This insight has had an immediate impact on our team building efforts and influenced longer-term strategic decisions about the growth of our workforce. I am thoroughly impressed with the impact of The Little Survey Company's work on our organisation and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to gather valuable, people-focused insights. The survey results have helped us to shape our company culture and engage with our team members in a more meaningful way. Thank you, Anna and The Little Survey Company, for the outstanding service you provided to Coriel."

Following the departure of two engineers, the Chief Executive approached The Little Survey Company to gain insight into how the rest of the team felt about their work and the organisational culture. Coriel’s senior leaders were looking to obtain an in-depth understanding of employee perspectives and clarify what more they could do to create the right environment to recruit and retain business-critical individuals.

The Little Survey Company developed a bespoke two-stage survey to gather the views and experiences of the team. We began with online questions related to employee engagement and workplace well-being, followed by comprehensive video call interviews to discuss key areas in more detail. The participants were reassured that all feedback would be aggregated and remain anonymous, helping them to feel comfortable to share honest feedback.

The survey findings revealed a team who are very proud of the quality of the products and solutions they deploy and the calibre of their clients and partners. They enjoy the excitement of working alongside highly-motivated colleagues in a fast-moving company and feel part of a close-knit team with accessible and approachable leadership.

Alongside these positives, the survey also identified some areas for improvement. Although the varied workload provides greater learning and development opportunities than similar roles elsewhere, some team members felt it would be beneficial for them to also attain conventional, industry-standard qualifications. These arrangements are now in place.

The survey highlighted some frustrations around the size of the office workspace. Coriel promptly implemented new office arrangements to resolve this issue. Other improvements driven by the survey include a greater focus on recognition and celebrating the success of projects, and making time for more frequent social events.

As a result of the survey, Coriel's senior leadership now have an enhanced understanding of what's working well, what needs to improve, and what really matters to the team. The impact of these valuable, people-focused insights is far-reaching. It has led to changes in how senior leaders engage with team members and shape the Coriel culture on a daily basis. The findings have also influenced longer-term strategic decisions about the growth of the workforce to meet the needs of their expanding business.

Coriel is a tech company with offices in Derby, England and Malaga, Spain, and clients across the globe. They specialise in Radio Frequency Identification and the Internet of Things technologies. They design and implement integrated systems to digitally identify, monitor and track items, typically in industrial settings, bringing together the hardware required plus their own Coriel software platform.

To obtain rich feedback from the people with whom you work, please do get in touch.

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