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AAG IT Services Build Business Growth with a Collaborative and Supportive Company Culture

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

With support from The Little Survey Company, AAG have gained a greater understanding of what matters most to their team and how they can support them to do their best work, a crucial component to their business growth strategy in a highly-competitive labour market.

Director, Alexa Greaves, said:
"Even as a relatively small business we frequently ask our employees for feedback but have never used the services of an outside agency to assist ... Anna’s experience shone through at every stage, from the pre-planning process to the execution, and then guiding us on how to assess the data collated and make key decisions that would have a meaningful positive impact.
The comments received from our employees really gave us a deeper understanding of how they feel and what is important to them.
Sometimes as a small business you can easily make assumptions as to what you think is important to employees and be wide of the mark. From the work we have done with Anna we have clear direction and the tools with which to communicate with every level of the business as to what our next steps will be.
We will not hesitate to make this a regular part of our Employee Health and Well-being programme. Thank you Anna for providing us with clear direction and keeping us on track with the programme and feedback. We really are looking forward to launching our key takeaways and actions at our company day this month."

AAG is all about the people; the people they work with and the people they work for. Over recent years, their business strategy has included an increasing focus upon their values and culture as they recruit, retain and grow the best talent and deliver a consistently excellent service to clients.

An employee well-being survey offered a perfect opportunity to identify how they can most effectively boost well-being and continue to strengthen their constructive and supportive culture to make AAG a great place to work.

The survey delivered a number of valuable insights for the leadership team and broadened their understanding of how the team members feel and what is important to them.

The responses highlighted the many positive aspects of working for AAG including the distinctly collaborative and inclusive workplace, a strong emphasis on togetherness, teamwork and support, a shared sense of pride in the work and high levels of autonomy, flexibility and trust. Sharing these results and giving credit to the whole team for their contribution helped to celebrate the success and continue to build a collective identity around these values.

The findings also included suggestions for a small number of specific initiatives to enhance well-being, many of which are relatively easy and inexpensive to implement and, now the leadership team are aware, these are being rolled out.

Team members also shared the elements of their roles they find most stressful, and actions to address these broader challenges have been incorporated into internal developments. Openly acknowledging these issues, and demonstrating a commitment to improve internal processes in order to reduce stress, is having a meaningful positive impact upon the team and the business as a whole.

These results and the subsequent actions to further improve well-being are a credit to the whole AAG Team. Their happy and high-performing workplace culture is delivering impressive business growth and paving the way for long-term success.

AAG IT Services is a leading technology partner for businesses, schools and charitable organisations all across the UK. They provide a supportive partnership for effective IT strategy and to ensure IT systems reach optimum potential. They combine the latest advancements in technology and cyber security with business efficiency and reducing cost.

To obtain rich feedback from the people with whom you work, please do get in touch.

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