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Asmech Systems Ltd Enhances its Skilled Team with Help from The Little Survey Company

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

The feedback gathered during Asmech’s in-person employee survey led to expanded internal training and career progression opportunities, as the company develops its highly-skilled team and nurtures the next generation of engineers.

Shane Gunstone, Chairman of Asmech Systems Ltd, said:
“From the very first face-to-face meeting, Anna came across as both personable and a strong individual who was able to get the best out of people. The individual interviews went well and the staff were happy to see the results of their participation in the survey as they saw we took positive action and brought it to completion."
"The survey findings and recommendations informed how we continue to invest in the fantastic team of staff we have here at Asmech and we are very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Anna and The Little Survey Company.”

Asmech, a leading manufacturer of materials handling systems, asked The Little Survey Company to gather valuable insights from their workforce. The goal was to gain a deep understanding of the employees’ views and experiences, to ensure Asmech remains a great place to work both now and in the future.

The Little Survey Company crafted a tailor-made survey solution, where each employee participated in an individual semi-structured interview over two consecutive days. The responses were analysed and collated into a concise report with aggregated findings and actionable recommendations.

The results were impressive. The employees highly recommended working at Asmech, particularly praising the varied and interesting work, friendly and caring culture, opportunities for growth and development, and favourable rates of pay.

The survey also explored views in relation to recent workplace developments such as hybrid working, the four-day week, and mental health first aid training. In an environment where people feel valued, treated fairly and respected as individuals, it is perhaps not surprising there is strong support for the introduction of MHFA training and a good number of volunteers to undertake the training and the role themselves.

Listening to the wealth of knowledge and experience of the employees, suggestions of areas for further action were also raised. These included the reliance on a small number of business-critical individuals and the balance of skills within the teams. Recommendations focused on ideas shared by employees to address these areas by building on the existing strong culture of skills development and internal career progression.

In response to the feedback and ideas, the board of directors took targeted action to drive improvement and made meaningful changes in a short period of time.

The overall impact of the survey has been hugely positive for the individual employees and the company. Morale has improved and turnover has reduced. By creating a happy and high-performing culture where people thrive, Asmech is continuing to achieve growth and success.

Asmech Systems Ltd is at the forefront of the conveying and handling industry, dealing with some of the world’s largest corporations. Established in 1995, the company is a leading UK supplier with an innovative product range and a customer-focused approach. With a team of 17 employees, the company offers bespoke solutions from initial design concepts through to engineering, manufacturing and installation.

To obtain rich feedback from the people with whom you work, please do get in touch.

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