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Employee Surveys With Impact

The Little Survey Company will tailor your survey to your specific requirements and those of your employees.  Our surveys are outcome and action-focused and we optimise all aspects of the design and the communications accordingly. We offer an easy and time-efficient solution, enabling you to focus on listening to, and acting upon, the views and experiences of your employees without having to devote precious hours to the mechanics of your survey. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our surveys.

Well-Being Survey

Focus upon employee health and well-being to become an employer of choice and enjoy an increase in morale and engagement.

Discover how to tailor your well-being strategy and support the needs of your people.  Understand the challenges they face and the tools and resources they will benefit from the most. 

Enhance the well-being of your employees and gain the additional benefit for your customers, as happy employees are more likely to make your customers happy.  

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Employee Engagement Survey

Boost your employee engagement with the added benefits of increased performance, productivity and loyalty.

We focus upon actionable feedback and delve into what is working well, what needs to improve and what is most important to your employees.

Our approach ensures you can easily identify specific improvements that will not only have a tangible impact but will also visibly demonstrate a listening and responsive leadership team.

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Ensure you are hiring and retaining the best talent, and enable all your employees to thrive by addressing the priorities for diversity and inclusion within your organisation.  

Benefit from increased innovation, creativity, engagement and performance as you harness different perspectives in a more diverse and inclusive culture.  

We offer a safe place to share candid views and experiences in confidence, which informs a clear picture of where to focus resources.  

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Working from Home

Remote Working Survey

Implement the most effective remote work balance to enable your employees to do their best work.  

Understand the adjustments required, in terms of technology and communications, to maximise productivity whether you are adopting a hybrid or fully remote model.  

Our approach explores both the practical implications and the consequences for morale, collaboration and relationships ensuring you maintain an engaged and high-performing workforce for the longterm.  

Restart (Back to Work) Survey

Achieve a smooth transition back to work, whether following furlough or following a period working from home.  

Understand your employees' concerns and the measures needed to provide reassurance and confidence when you restart. 

We will sensitively explore how comfortable your employees feel about the return to work and the various questions and uncertainties they may have.  

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